Rental of forklifts in High Point

Since 1988, we have provided solutions to many material handling problems for business in North Carolina. Mid-State Forklift Inc understands the needs of businesses for equipment handling and we have the equipment to help you move your products, whether it's a large or small quantity. What can we help you with today? 
Material handling

Material handling

Make sure your products are handled in a safe and efficient manner with our material handling products.
Facility and shipping tools

Facility and shipping

When you need to ship your company's products elsewhere, we'll make sure they arrive there safely.
Storage products we provide

Storage products

Keep things out of the way and in a safe location with the storage products that our business offers.
A variety of environment and safety products we supply

Environmental and safety products

Do your part in conserving the resources of this planet and use approved containers for your waste products.
Office products

Office products

Keep your employees comfortable and productive with office products designed for maximum efficiency.
Pallet racks

Pallet racks and jacks

Pallets are essential for keeping your products organized in your warehouses and offices.


Like with pallet racks, shelves are also important for sorting your products and equipment so they can be easily found.
Dock equipment

Dock equipment

Make loading and unloading of products an easier process with efficient dock equipment from our business.


Having a clean work environment is not only essential for safety, but for productivity as well.


In conjunction with sweepers, scrubbers can help you maintain a pristine work environment.
Carts and hand trunks

Carts and hand trucks

Move your products from point A to point B easily with carts that your employees won't strain themselves on.
Personal carriers

Personal carriers

Personal carriers are a must if your warehouse is large and you need to move small amounts of products quickly.
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